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Joystiq Hands-on: Project Treasure Island Z (Wii)

HomehandleJoystiq Hands-on: Project Treasure Island Z (Wii)
Joystiq Hands-on: Project Treasure Island Z (Wii)
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Officially unveiled at Capcom’s San Francisco Gamer’s Day, Project Treasure Island Z is scheduled for a Fall, 2007 Wii launch. (The title’s name may change earlier than then.) The journey/puzzle recreation is predicated on many — Capcom says 80 — completely different Wii Remote gestures, like twisting keys and scooping water. After playing the game, I’m interested by its final model; Capcom appears to be living as much as its innovation-and-threat splendid.

Gamers, especially the American audience, Door Handles (www.openlearning.com) will first notice the dangerous kiddie graphic and character style in the only-participant-only recreation. Project Treasure Island Z has a variety of substance beneath that saccharine layer, however Capcom faces a significant challenge in promoting the sport to older gamers.

I asked concerning the audience and age for the title, and an organization representative admitted that it skewed young at first glance. In case you loved this information and you wish to receive details concerning door handle lock store i implore you to visit the web-page. However, she mentioned that Capcom will work to market the game to a broader group, together with hardcore, dual-system avid gamers.

After getting previous the graphics, I picked up the Remote — the one means to control the sport — and swung into motion. I moved my character by pointing and clicking on-screen. “Zack” (no relation) interacted with the atmosphere once i clicked on objects. But the purpose of Project Treasure Island Z is the strategy of these interactions.


The puzzles are based mostly on properly moving the Remote after figuring out what to do subsequent. It wasn’t sufficient for me to know to move a lever; I had to drag the Remote in a lever-like movement. Other examples embrace sawing a tree and ringing a hand-bell that’s a morphed version of Zack’s golden, flying, helper-monkey good friend.

No, I didn’t make that up. Again, this sport will likely be difficult to market to folks above the age of 12, but the gameplay might maintain players’ interest.

And the Wii does not want any more mini-video games. What I tried has the potential to be more than a collection of mini-games strung collectively — the gestures felt like actions and part of the adventure as an alternative of individual video games — however that is one other delicate challenge Capcom must handle.

The sense of repetition might develop into the most important problem in the sport. Each space lasts between several minutes and a few hours. And in the event you die, you star that stage over. We writers discovered many ways to kill ourselves unintentionally, repeating the several-minute demo five or ten occasions in a row. The longer phases are going to be later in the sport, after you learn the fundamentals of staying alive, but even repeating short levels grew irritating. (Didn’t we study anything from the nice-but-flawed Dead Rising?)

Capcom says the game can have about 40 hours of unique play, door handle lock store and it’ll appeal to a passive multiplayer crowd. I have fond memories of sharing one-player video games (or one-at-a-time titles) with mates, and i agree that this could also be enjoyable to play with a bunch. Still, I’d like to see a deep, multiplayer Wii game with cooperative bodily movements; why not have two individuals each hold an finish of a saw?

Maybe that’ll happen in Project Treasure Island Z 2. For now, we applaud the chance in this $40 Wii recreation, and we hope it turns into fun title for all players.


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