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Trading Products

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Trading products

Currency Exchange:Trading of one currency into any other currency known as currency exchange, professional term for this is foreign exchange. P.B.S Exchange is the right place where you can convert any currency on healthy selling & buying rates.

We deal in all the major and minor world currencies. You will find best rates of all currencies, and issued a formal receipt of every transaction that you will do with us either buying or selling of any currency, although the rate in the foreign exchange market keeps on changing through out the day and never remains the same but the ethnicity of currency notes are guaranteed.

You can visit any of our branches operating all over Pakistan any time round the clock 24 hours.


Transfer of money from one place to another through channel of Exchange company is known as Remittance, Remittances are of two categories:

1. Remittance Inward

2. Remittance Outward

Remittance Inward:

Home Remittances refer to the procedure through which people living abroad send money to there families.

Remittance Inward


P.B.S Exchange Company and his country wide network is one of the pioneer official channel using it, you can receive money from any of the country worldwide to any of our location in Pakistan. Online home Remittances another form which proceeds through web based services. Process of online Remittances through P.B.S Exchange also in final stages of correspondence and soon starts operation.

Outward are those Remittances, which are affected to any foreign location. Since one of the basic function of the Exchange companies is to transfer funds, P.B.S Exchange also use many ways to transfer funds those are:

1.Demand Draft (DD)

2.Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

3.Travelers Cheques (TC)

4.Online Outward Remittances

Except Online Remittance outward, procedure of standard operations for Remittance Outward through other channels is already started.

Demand Draft:

Demand Draft (DD) is a written order issued by a Bank or an Exchange Company to its clients to pay a stated amount in national or foreign currency to a named beneficiary. P.B.S Exchange is able to offer you foreign currency drafts in a wide range of currencies. Our value-added service gives you the flexibility of having the Demand Drafts posted to your location.

1) US Dollar

2) British Pound

Benefits of making DD from P.B.S Exchange is that our associate charges are low as compare to other exchange companies, the procedure of our is one window operation, Demand Drafts of P.B.S Exchange are secure and safe and valid up to 3 months.

Telegraphic Transfer:

Telegraphic transfer (TT) one of the ways of outwards Remittance it is also the fastest of all to transfer money from Pakistan any where in the world in the shortest possible time.

The procedure is very simple. It could be as easy as ABC. You are just required to visit any or our outlets all over Pakistan and submit a simple fill in form Once the currency details, rate and mode of payment is finalized between you and our Marketing Officers, you will be required to provide us with your personal and Beneficiary details so that the transactions can be executed accordingly.

Following information and documentation of sender is required:

1)Full Name

2)Account Number

3)Bank Name

4)Complete Branch Address Of Bank

5)Routine Number or Swift Code

6)Email or Phone Number Of Beneficiary (Optional)

You will be issued an acknowledgement slip against the transaction finalized, and given a certain date on which the transaction have to be executed.

Travelers Cheques:

Travelers Cheques are the perfect travel companion. They are one of the world’s safest and most convenient ways to carry money. Travelers Cheques are accepted at thousands of locations worldwide, including banks where you can exchange them for local currency or use them directly to pay for goods.

Benefits Using Travelers Cheques:

Travelers Cheques are one of the world’s safest and most convenient ways to carry money, wherever you go. They are depended on by all age groups and travelers because they are secure, refundable if lost or stolen, excellent for budgeting and accepted worldwide. They are the perfect complement to local currency and credit cards.

Cashing Travelers Cheques:

It is very simple to cash your Travelers Cheques when you go to cash your Travelers Cheques, remember to take your passport or similar identification with you. You may also need to show your copy of the Purchase Agreement Form as proof of purchase and to match your signature.

Lost & Stolen Travelers Cheques:

If your Travelers Cheques are lost or stolen, please report this immediately. Refund Service is operated through a network so wherever you are in the world, just call, to help you straight away.

A customer has to provide following details before buying Travel Cheques.

1)I.D. Photocopy.

2)Passport Photocopy.

3)Valid Visa or the letter issued by the embassy asking for Travel Cheques.

4)To fill in the purchaser record with the correct details.

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