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The most important time node of the 2017 break The 2017 holiday period has begun, and the team will experience various changes in the next few months. Let us join the next schedule. (The following is US time) 2/15: Each team can start to give a team label to the team’s players who will enter […]

[Review] race regular season Week 17: Josh – Bill Allen hit a record in team history Bill Dolphins 26-56 Josh – Allen (Josh Allen) and Buffalo Bill strength to destroy the playoffs initiative dolphins, and the colt’s win, they will be out of the ranks of the playoffs. 3 to complete the field Allan touchdowns, […]

Breddy blessing front teammate Malit Ryan Mallett This Sunday is about to get its first opportunity to get our first opportunity to get our first first opportunity to get our first opportunity to get their first opportunities in Wolfland. In the past three years, wholesale jerseys he learned as the strongest quartz of Tom Brady, […]

Steel man and all-全 尼 斯 last four years contract After playing the best performance of your career, allurate Roosevelt NIX won the team favored by the team. US Time Saturday, Pittsburgh Steelman completed the four-year contract with this full manner. Knicks had been completed in two years before the steel man, he was originally […]

49 people coach: I don’t want to get rid of the Gore If any game is sitting in a San Francisco 49 people, you may hear him more than once or yell. “Put the ball to Frank”. Since the 3rd week of 49 people lost the number of times in the least 6 times this […]

Lion near-end Friek Eric Erbron returns On Monday’s Lion Training Suit is unusual. The four-dimensional Matthew-Stafford was not appeared, wholesale Seattle Seahawks jerseys free shipping which was a head since September 2012. Eric Ebron, which is absent from the absence of tendon injury, wholesale San Diego Chargers jerseys Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric, is […]

Dolphin General Manager: Does not exclude the selection of the privileges There is no doubt that in this year’s draft conference, Miami dolphins will be the most thoughtful team. Dolphins currently hoarded 14 draft rights, including 3 first round of draft and 2 second round of draft. Will they go up, and even put their […]

Los Angeles Lightning Defensive Direct Papel Joe – Bosa Accepting Finger Surgery Los Angeles Lightning Rectailer Joji – Bosa finally accepted the treatment of the right hand venta de camisetas de fútbol dislocated finger. According to ESPN, postoperative recovery is about 6 weeks. Bosa was injured in the 2016 new show. He took the season […]

Because of the absence training, the team fined the raid, is dissatisfied. Beijing September 5th When you think that the wind wave in Antonio Brown is finally ended, he uses action that you want to be wrong. The Auckland raid staff took over many training during this year’s break, so he had a ticket for […]

Old will take a handlant – Moore announced retirement Atlantan Fematch announced that the old man will be retired by Lance Moore at the local time, which is only 3 days from the days of signing with the falcon. The 33-year-old Moore took 10 seasays in cheap nfl jerseys, and the 3 teams were effectively […]

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